Welcome to Crosspointe Village HOA
Pool Key Conversion
February 27, 2015

The new key fob system for the pool gates, pool restrooms, and pedestrian gates is now active.  If you have not yet picked up your initial key fob, you must fill out the initial key fob form.

Board Meeting Attendees
March 28, 2014

Effective April 1, 2014, in an effort to engage all homeowners in matters of importance within the community, and in accordance with California Civil Code Section 4925, the Board will no longer permit tenants or other non-owners to attend the monthly Board Meetings, unless specifically invited to attend.  Matters relating to any tenant issue to be brought before the Board at a meeting will need to be addressed to the Board by the unit owner.


Guard Shacks

North Gate 714-897-5027

South Gate 714-894-0726 (4 - 8 PM)

Orange County Sheriff Dispatch 714-647-7000