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Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas trees must be disposed of in one of the 3 designated roped off areas within the complex.  The disposal areas will be located against the North wall at the Northeast corner of the condo side, against the West wall at the Northwest corner of the condo side, and next to the South pool on the town home side.  The trees will be picked up from the disposal areas every week day from December 27 through January 5.  Disposing of trees in the dumpsters is not allowed and may result in a fine.  Click here to see a map of the disposal areas.

Pool Key Conversion
November 25, 2014

The Board has approved a project to switch to using electronic key FOBS to unlock the pool gates, pool bathroom doors, and pedestrian gates.  The work will begin around the middle of January and will take about 6 weeks to complete.  Prior to the work being done, all owners will receive instructions on how to obtain their key FOB.  There will be no charge to the homeowners for their initial key FOB and there will be no need to turn in your current pool key which will be obsolete after the conversion is completed.  Each homeowner will be entitled to one key FOB.  The cost for the project is being taken out of the surplus and will not trigger any kind of dues increase in and of its own.  The reason for converting to the key FOBS is multi-fold.  There has been a problem with ex-owners keeping their pool key upon sale of their unit, then coming back to use the pools after they have moved out.  Cardinal will now have the ability to electronically disable an ex-homeowner's key, preventing them from accessing the pool areas or entering through the pedestrian gates.  If any resident repeatedly violates the pool rules, the Board will have the option to call them to a hearing and turn off their key for a determined length of time.  There has also been an issue with homeowners purchasing extra pool keys for their friends and adding them to their guest list, thus allowing them to come in and use the pools even when the resident is not present.  Once we go to the FOBS, if a homeowner purchases an additional key FOB, their current active FOB will be disabled, so each homeowner will only have one working key FOB.  Finally, per HOA laws, the Board will have the option to disable a homeowner's key FOB if they fall significantly behind on their dues, and keep it turned off until they pay their dues in full.

The Board has scheduled the project to take place during the winter in hopes of having the least impact on residents.

Board Meeting Attendees
March 28, 2014

Effective April 1, 2014, in an effort to engage all homeowners in matters of importance within the community, and in accordance with California Civil Code Section 4925, the Board will no longer permit tenants or other non-owners to attend the monthly Board Meetings, unless specifically invited to attend.  Matters relating to any tenant issue to be brought before the Board at a meeting will need to be addressed to the Board by the unit owner.

Board Meeting Cancellation

The November Board meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, November 24.  The December Board meeting has been canceled due to the holidays.


Guard Shacks

North Gate 714-897-5027

South Gate 714-894-0726 (4 - 8 PM)

Orange County Sheriff Dispatch 714-647-7000