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New Parking Decals

Crosspointe is in the process of switching from the yellow parking decals to blue decals.  For those residents that are using guest passes because they have reached their limit of free decals, know that your number of decals will be set to zero before going to the blue decals.  Residents are allowed 2 free decals for a 1 bedroom, 3 free decals for a 2 bedroom, and 4 free decals for a 3 bedroom unit.  The Board encourages all residents to get a decal to avoid having to wait in line for a guest pass.

For those residents using guest passes because their vehicle is not registered at their Crosspointe address, know that as long as the vehicle is registered in your name, you will qualify for a decal if you submit 2 months of utility bills, or cell phone bills, showing your name and your Crosspointe address.

The Board has decided to go to the new decals for several reasons.  Many of the yellow decals have faded and the numbers are unreadable.  With the new decal count set to zero, the Board hopes that residents using guest passes will apply for a decal, thus shortening the guest entrance wait time and eliminating the time it takes Phoenix to fill out guest passes for residents.  Finally, there are individuals who no longer live at Crosspointe, never removed the yellow parking decal from their vehicle, and continue to enter the complex for a variety of reasons, including trying to use the pools.

Village Center Renovation

The City of Stanton’s December Newsletter stated that the Village Center at Beach and Garden Grove will include a mixed-use project with commercial uses, restaurants, a fitness center, grocery store, and condominium units.  Construction is to begin sometime in 2018.

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