Cardinal Properties

825 N. Park Center Dr., Suite 101
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

phone: 800-400-6686 or 714-779-1300
fax: 714-779-3400
E-mail Cardinal at

Guard Shacks
North Gate 714-897-5027

South Gate 714-894-0726

Orange County Sheriff Dispatch 714-647-7000

Smoking Rule

Please be aware of the smoking rule which limits

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Pools Have Reopened

The pools have reopened with new guidelines and restrictions due to COVID-19.  Each resident must sign and return a

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Be advised that as of 2/13/20, there have been several coyote sightings inside Crosspointe.  Please be extra careful with your small children and pets.

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Board Requests

Please do not feed or layout food and water for the feral cats and squirrels in the community. Please remove any excess water after watering your plants, as it becomes a breeding source for mosquitoes. Reminder: please be considerate to all neighbors and do not be a noise nuisance neighbor.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Please be advised, you may contact Salvador Mota at (714) 553-3182 or salvadormota500@gmail.com if you would like to have your dryer vent cleaned.  We have secured a flat rate of $79.00 for this cleaning. This includes cleaning and disinfecting behind the dryer, and replacing the duct that connects to the wall. This fee is homeowner responsibility.  Please contact this …

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