Cardinal Properties

825 N. Park Center Dr., Suite 101
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

phone: 800-400-6686 or 714-779-1300
fax: 714-779-3400
E-mail Cardinal at

Guard Shacks
North Gate 714-897-5027

South Gate 714-894-0726

Orange County Sheriff Dispatch 714-647-7000

Dues Increase

Effective 11/1/16, the dues will increase by $6 per month to $223.  That’s less than a 2.8% increase.  The draft budget presented to the Board by Cardinal originally indicated an $11 per month increase.  Although the Board had to increase the amounts in some line items, such as common area maintenance, they were able to …

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Mosquito Poster


Vector Control has requested that the following flyer be posted to our site.   They would also like the community to know that mosquitoes trapped in our neighborhood last year tested positive for the West Nile virus.  They encourage all residents to be proactive in eliminating any standing water on their property. If you have any …

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