Pool Reminders   (residents repeatedly violating the pool rules may be subject to having their key fob disabled for the pool gates)

  • Guests are limited to 4 per unit

  • The homeowner must be present at the pool with their guests

  • No smoking is allowed within the pool enclosures

  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older)

  • No animals are allowed inside the pool enclosures

  • No glass containers are allowed inside the pool enclosures

  • Any audio / video equipment used at the pool must be enjoyed through headphones only

  • Excessive noise or water play that disrupts the swimming pleasure of others is not allowed

On 2/8/16, the company hosting our web site installed major software upgrades which were not compatible with the Crosspointe web site software.  As a result, the web site failed and has been rebuilt on a different software platform.

All the email addresses that were signed up for the Board meeting minutes notification process were lost.  Anyone wishing to receive an email when the latest Board meeting minutes are posted to this site will need to sign up (again) by entering your email address in the “Email” box on the far right and clicking “Submit”.  The Board apologizes for the inconvenience.


Cardinal Properties

825 N. Park Center Dr., Suite 101
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

phone: 800-400-6686 or 714-779-1300
fax: 714-779-3400
E-mail Cardinal at

Guard Shacks
North Gate 714-897-5027

South Gate 714-894-0726

Orange County Sheriff Dispatch 714-647-7000

Shopping Center Revitalization Update

At the Crosspointe Community Meeting on 4/27/16, the City provided an update on the Village Center construction / remodel.  The new investor will be completing their due diligence next week, then the property will go into escrow.  The City expects the project to get underway in 2 months and stated that the entire project and …

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Mosquito Poster


Vector Control has requested that the following flyer be posted to our site.   They would also like the community to know that mosquitoes trapped in our neighborhood last year tested positive for the West Nile virus.  They encourage all residents to be proactive in eliminating any standing water on their property. If you have any …

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Shopping Center Revitalization

An excerpt from the February 2016 City of Stanton community magazine: “The City is proud to announce exciting new developments at the corner of Beach Blvd. and Garden Grove Blvd., the southern gateway to our City!  In the coming months, both the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Shopping Center and the Village Center will be seeing new …

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