The following forms can be filled out and sent to the management company for approval

Use this form to obtain a Crosspointe Village resident parking permit.
Parking Decal Request Form

Resident access form used to specify the names of guests that you you will allow entry to.  Any visitors not on the list will require a confirmation call from the guard for you to approve entry.

Resident Access Form

The auto debit form can be used to have your monthly association dues automatically paid through your bank account each month.

Auto Debit Form

The architectural approval form is required whenever you are making changes to the outside of your unit, or changes to interior walls.
Architectural approval applications must be sent to Cardinal Management.  

Architectural Approval Form

The notice of completion form must be completed and mailed to the Property Management company within 30 days after final completion of your improvements installed as per submitted architectural plans and approval.  Failure to do so will constitute a fine of $50.00 to be automatically levied to your account.

Architectural Notice of Completion Form

The opt-out form is used to opt-out of sharing your name, property address, mailing address, and e-mail address under the Association membership list.

Opt-Out Form

Use this form to apply for your initial key fob for the pool gates, restrooms, and pedestrian gates.
Initial Key Fob Request Form

Use this form to request a replacement key fob for the pool gates, restrooms, and pedestrian gates.
Replacement Key Fob Request Form

Although a resident is no longer required to obtain approval for a satellite installation, there are certain installation guidelines which must be followed.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the association requiring the dish be removed.

Satellite Dish Guidelines

Satellite Dish Architectural Notification Form

If you are holding an event such as a birthday party, BBQ, etc., in a common area, you must submit this event form for approval.
Event Request Guidelines and Approval Form

For condo units with skylights, this form must be filled out to authorize the association to caulk the skylight dome when deemed necessary.

Skylight Caulking Authorization Form