For those homeowners who would like to see a new coat of paint on their fence caps, whether it be your patio fence caps or balcony caps, you can repaint this yourself. You just need to use the proper paint so that you don’t get a violation letter. And for those homeowners replacing their townhome garden window and having to do stucco painting, you also need to use the proper paint, especially for the stucco.


• Fence caps—Vista Swiss Coffee, off the shelf.
• Fence siding—Vista Sepia #81, has to be mixed.
• Stucco—Vista Crosspointe Beige, #VP1-10588, also has to be mixed.

These paints should be purchased at

Vista Paint
8615 Katella Ave

This is the only store that has our Crosspointe Beige on file. They’re located one block east of Dale, just about 2 miles north of Crosspointe. Also remember that while most paint manufacturers make a Swiss Coffee, we used Vista Swiss Coffee when our complex was painted a few years ago, and we want to make sure that everything continues to match. We highly recommend though that you use semi-gloss Swiss Coffee on the caps instead of the current flat paint, for durability.